Bloggers and writers Gia & Anu are from Punjab, India, growing up in Washington state, and are first generation college graduates from the University of Washington. Their parents migrated to America after marriage and with them brought the many customs and beliefs of Sikh culture. Growing up in this dual world where home life was traditionally Indian while being surrounded by American culture, Gia & Anu began thinking of its implications more critically.

They started a podcast, of the same name, as a fun way to start a conversation about what they were learning.  This blog is a compilation of their experiences and is an extension of their podcast (check out @ Hard Kaur Perspectives on SoundCloud and iTunes).

Why Hard Kaur?– pronounced “hardcore” Kaur is the middle name of Sikh females. It means princess warrior. This was created as a means to attribute strength to a woman’s name and a means for females to maintain their names even after marriage. It promotes a sense of community within all Sikh females. It’s pretty badass. Males have an equivalent to Kaur with the name Singh.